It's My Bloggyversary!

Today marks two years since Pary Moppins Perfectly Practical came into existence.   In those two years my tens of readers have skyrocketed to almost three digits! I am so pleased!  :) 
I thank you for indulging me in my hat obsession collection, my caffeine addiction affinity, and my general silliness....

It's interesting for me to go back through old posts to see where our family has been and to dream about where we are headed.  This blog truly is an online journal of our lives here at The Little Pink House - the good, the bad, and the silly.

I feel so blessed by the company's I have worked with and by you, the readers.

Your e-mails and comments are so appreciated and I love getting to meet you face to face at classes or  around town.

So thanks for a fabulous two years and here's to another year of more brunch, more coffee, and more hats...lots and lots more hats.


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