Madly in Love Monday

At 10 years old, Diva still wants to sit in my lap.  It's like a sappy rosy-hued sit-com montage of memories every time she plops down in my lap. 

I remember bringing her home from the hospital.  I was terrified and had NO experience with babies but I would sit and hold her in my arms.

Once she could could sit up, sort of, I would have her in my lap to read books, look at pictures, and sing the songs or do the actions - maybe that's where her love of reading started. 

All of those trans-Atlantic flights where for hours on end, Diva was in my lap.

As a toddler, she would curl up in my lap so that we could watch Leap Frog or Baby Einstein videos together.  We attended MusicGarten when she was a tot and much of that, she participated from my lap.

Diva grew older and if there was a boo-boo then up she would climb in my lap to have it fixed.  If she was sad, here she would come into my lap, and if there was something really exciting to say, it was always much more impactful telling it from my lap.

Now, my "tween" still wants to sit in my lap for cuddles and kisses and how can I help but be madly in love with her for it.

This is part of Heavenly Homemakers GratiTuesday.


  1. Only one of mine still fits in my lap. At least mine will hold my hand in church when no one is looking :) Enjoy every minute you have a lap full.

  2. Howdy Ms. Kristin & Ms. Nest! I will enjoy her while she still thinks I'm fabulous so I can recall those memories in a few more years when she thinks I know nothing. :)


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