Menu Plan Monday

This past weekend we watched as Engineer walked across the stage to receive his Master's Degree diploma.  It was a beautiful sight.

Diva and I couldn't have been more proud.  Our favorite part (besides the obvious) was watching the Chancellor call out the various degrees for the undergraduates.  The institution is called Missouri University of Science and Technology so as one would imagine the degrees tended toward engineering disciplines.  As he called out the degrees, the students were asked to stand if that was their major.  We had the mining (who wore mining helmets with tassels taped on them), chemical, architectural (who wore hard hats with tassels taped on them), electrical, mechanical, aerospace, civil, explosive, geological, nuclear, petroleum, my favorite, ceramic (one kid built a scale model of a toilet with rocket propulsion and attached it to his mortarboard), and the list of engineering and science majors went on and on.  99% of the room stood up between all of the options.  And then...they called for the English majors to stand up (1 guy) and the Philosophy students to stand (2 girls.)  It was rather comical but on the other hand, they had all eyes focused on them.

We ate at a fabulous restaurant called Sybill's of St. James for Engineer's congratulatory meal and now Diva thinks she is an Iron Chef competitor or the like.  She described each attribute of each dish with the eloquence and discernment of a Chopped judge.   We may have created a little Alex Guarnaschelli.

After having a fabulous and relaxing weekend away, we received a jarring phone call while on our way home.  Our dear friend and neighbor wanted to let us know that our next door neighbor's house was on fire and that the fire department was taking care of it. 

Oh my gosh!  I asked if anyone was home?  Hurt?  What about the cats? 

Our friend didn't know details but no ambulances had carted off folks so it seemed no one was hurt.  We were saddened to find out that the cats did perish in the fire though.

Once we arrived home we heard our cat but couldn't see him.  We finally realized he was in a tall pine tree.  We were told that in all of the excitement, Trigger had run up the tree and at various points throughout the day all of our neighbors had been out trying to get him down.  We have very caring and sweet neighbors. 

This morning, I am still working on trying to get the cat down.  The fire department no longer gets cats down from trees and our tallest ladder still comes up about 8 feet short.  My next course of action is to find out if there is any utility work going on in the area or tree trimming where they could grab my kitty out of the tree.  Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed.  UPDATE - Super Dad came through again.  He brought over his extension ladder, plucked our scaredy cat out of the tree and brought him back to terra firma where he belongs.  THANK YOU SUPER DAD!!!!!  Now the kitty is being thoroughly spoiled with lots of cuddles, kisses, and food!

To sum up:  graduation, relaxed road trip, fire next door, cat up a tree.  Yep, that about covers it.

Here's what we will be eating this week:

Monday - Big Salad
Tuesday - Red Beans & Rice, Greens, and Cornbread
Wednesday - Biscuits, Sausage, & Gravy w/Broiled Grapefruit
Thursday - Sunday School Party
Friday - Date Night

This is part of Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday.


  1. Goodness what a week! I just wanna say - congratulations! And Oh Dear! And Whew!

    Best wishes for Christmas joy!

  2. No kidding Ms. Toy Lady - and the week just started! A very merry Christmas to you too!


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