Madly In Love Monday

Diva lost a tooth this week.  She put the tooth under her pillow and went to sleep expecting the Tooth Fairy to leave her a dollar.  Well, how can I put this, the Tooth Fairy, um, forgot, and when she woke, there was no dollar.

Diva came in for breakfast and mentioned the tooth.  I told her to leave it under her pillow again.  She did and even wrote a little note that she laid on the pillow next to her telling the fairy where the tooth was.  Again, the Tooth Fairy got tied up and didn't get to the tooth.

After the second time, Diva came in and told me that the Tooth Fairy forgot I felt really bad for her.  I said the Tooth Fairy had been really busy and maybe he was just behind on his jobs and that's when she let it slip.  She said how she saw Daddy put money under her pillow the last time she had lost a tooth. 

I laughed and asked why she didn't tell us that before.  She replied, "Because I still want the cash!"
That's my girl.

I am madly in love with my little Diva because she knows how to play the game.  ;)

1-4-3 DM!