Madly In Love Monday

Last week Diva's school had their annual 5th and 6th grade "World Bazaar" whereby each child chooses a country to represent then spends about 6 weeks working on a holistic project encompassing all of their subjects.

They had to:
  • Write and give a diplomatic speech complete with PowerPoint 
  • Write and perform an advertisement for one of the main exports of their country
  • Design and Construct their products that they are advertising
  • Import and Export products with the other countries
  • Create a travel poster
  • Make their country's flag
  • Make replicas of their country's currency
  • Dress in traditional costume
  • Bring and share a traditional dish from their country to be eaten
(The last two, parents helped with but all other assignments were done at school.)

An interesting fact about this project is that in 1987, my class (led by the same teacher, I might add) was the first one to hold a World Bazaar but we did not have to do anywhere near the preparation that these kiddos did.  (Of course, there was no such thing as PowerPoint then either.)

Diva was dressed as a Morris Dancer for her traditional costume.

We pleaded begged asked very nicely for England as Diva's country - imagine that.  My thinking was that we could personalize everything and give a different perspective.  That was a good thought but Diva being of independent spirit, chose to do all of the project herself and I saw it for the first time at the bazaar.

I am unashamedly biased but even if I wasn't, Diva ROCKED!  Her speech was fantastic (complete with joke - good girl) and she made tons of eye contact.  Every word was clear and understood by all.  Her poster was amazing and she was especially proud of her product and advertisement. 

I was especially proud of her.

I am madly in love with my little Diva this Monday because she worked hard, prepared, and practiced all on her own accord and it paid off in a huge way.

1-4-3 DM!

This is part of Heavenly Homemakers GratiTuesday.


  1. What an awesome project! When we lived in Germany the international school did multicultural night, but nothing on that scale. Congratulations to Diva!

  2. Such a cool school project. My daughter's school does an international week. All grades participate with age appropriate projects. What's tough is finding costumes for an entire week for the country chosen.

  3. Ms. Kristin, thanks for the well wishes and I think it is wonderful for any school to do a multi cultural project. Some of the kids involved may never have the opportunity otherwise to visit and learn about other cultures.

    Howdy Ms. Audrey! Oh my word! A whole week's worth of costumes? I may have had to pick a country where they wear their same clothes over and over. :)

  4. I agtree Ms. Nest; it is a fun project and the kids learn so much.


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