A Few You May Have Missed

A few of my bloggy type friends and I had a discussion going about how neat it would be to re-cap a few articles that we have read throughout the week that we liked that our readers may have missed. 

Here is my contribution to the list:

My favorite article of the week because of the explanation of the three gifts at Christmas
Three Gifts and a Stocking, It's What's for Christmas

I loved this perfectly practical tip
A Carving Tip

A new recipe that I tried this week and l-o-v-e
Warm Vanilla Soother

An important reminder
Get Involved in Your Child's Education

Speaking of laundry...and my next project
Homemade Fabric Softener Sheets

So there you have it, a few posts that you may have missed.  Did you read anything this week worth sharing?


  1. Thank you for including me! I think this is a wonderful way to support our little blogging community.

  2. You are very welcome Ms. Kristin. I firmly believe in getting noticed for something well done and I loved your carving tip.


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