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So last week I took care of the pumpkins on my floor.

I'm sure you have been waiting with bated breath to find out what I did with the puree right?  I thought so.

Here are the results:

Pumpkin Butter (recipe below)
Pumpkin Soup
More Pumpkin Puree for future projects

Pumpkin Butter

Pumpkin Puree (enough to almost fill the crock pot)
Ground Cinnamon
Ground Cloves
Ground Allspice
Ground Nutmeg
Ground Ginger
Brown Sugar (all spices and sugar to taste - I used a 1lb. box)
Lemon Juice about 2 tsp.

Put everything in a crock pot.  Mix it well.  Turn it on low and leave it overnight.  Wake up to the beautiful smell of pumpkin butter.  If it is too thick you can add a little apple juice to it. I actually let my pumpkin butter go for about 18 hours and the lid was on over night.  During waking hours, I had the lid slightly askew to let the steam out.  This tastes like gingerbread in a jar.

You can freeze this but it is NOT recommended to can pumpkin butter.


  1. What a great idea! We made apple butter a couple weeks ago, but I never would have thought of pumpkin butter. Do you think I could use canned pumpkin?

    Sounds like it would go great with some weak coffee! :)

  2. Howdy Ms. Laura! I don't see why you couldn't use canned pumpkin. Maybe just loosen it up a little with some apple juice. Put it on at bedtime and check it in the morning.
    Oh, and I'm not sure how good it is with weak coffee but it is great with strong coffee. ;)

  3. I have two pie pumpkins left! Hurray! This sounds like a great weekend project. I would rather can it than freeze it (for gift giving), but I wonder if I could use paraffin wax. Hmmmm...

  4. Ms. Kristen, there is somethnig about the density of cooked pumpkin that the ag dept. does not feel safe for canning. Maybe a pressure canner, some wax, and a prayer or two might make it possible to can it. What you could do is puree the pumpkins and freeze that until you are ready to make and give the butter. You could just keep it refrigerated until gift giving time.

  5. Hi Pary,
    I sure would love to have some of this with some hot biscuits and butter. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday. Hope you are having a great week end and please come back soon!
    Miz Helen

    1. My favorite is on toast. It makes it taste like gingerbread. :)

  6. ooh sounds! I have never heard of that before! I just got rid of my pumpkins last week that I had since the beginning of October and made pumpkin soup out of them! I would love for you to link up and share this on my blog!


    1. Mmmmm....pumpkin soup. :) Pumpkin butter is so simple and because you are slow cooking it, it retains most of its nutrients. Thanks for stopping by Ms. Cassidy!

  7. Thanks for linking it up I still have a lot of pumpkin left that I pureed and am freezing it so I will have to try this! I think I'll will post up my pumpkin soup next week :)Hoping you will have something else yummy to share!

  8. I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did! I recently bought some Pumpkin Butter at Trader Joe's and my whole family is in love with it. I'm gonna have to give your recipe a try. I'm your newest follower. :)

    1. Well howdy Ms. Barb! I hope you do give this butter recipe a try and I hope your family loves it. Fruit butters are so yummy and easy.


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