The Sept/Oct Round of Hats

This hat is a great transitional hat since it is light enough to be worn in warm weather but is made from crochet thread and ribbon so it can go into either season.  The picture doesn't do it justice since it is a deep magenta in real life.  I bought this one new.  Shocking isn't it?  :)

This one came from an estate sale.

This one was in with an Ebay lot.

I picked this one up at a garage sale.  It had never been worn.  I like the wistful look in the model's eye.

This is another hat given to me by the sweet elderly lady at church.

I picked this one up at an estate sale.  Engineer thinks it looks like the bird lady's hat from "Mary Poppins".

Another estate sale find.

This one too.

Here is what Diva has been sporting:

This is part of What I wore Wednesday.