Phase 4 Film Review - The Voyages of Young Dr. Dolittle

"When you're with an animal it will be so phenanimal.  Animals make the very best of friends."*

I was sent a copy of Phase 4 Film's Animated Family Production of "The Voyages of Young Dr. Dolittle" based on the 1920's children's book series to review.

Basically, John (the nephew of Dr. Dolittle) goes to the island where his uncle had done his research after finding out that the island was being taken over by Ramsey the Ram.  Along the path to rescuing the animals, John makes some new animal friends.

The first thing about the new release that I noticed was how bright it was.  The colors are so vivid and sharp which make the movie fun watch.  The quality of the CGI was quite good as well - on par with Veggie Tales I would say.

Tim Curry, Jason Alexander, and Jane Seymour lend their voices as part of the accomplished cast.  Saying that, all of the voices were character appropriate and fit the genre well.

I believe that the target age group for this film is probably a little younger than my aforementioned ten year old; saying that, she still enjoyed it.

I only heard one phrase that may be offensive to some parents which was "butt full of quills" talking about a porcupine.  To me, in context it was pretty funny and harmless but I am not in the target audience either.

What I really liked was that the bad guy is bad, as in there is no good in him, yet he isn't too scary for littlies.  I mean, how can an evil dictator mountain goat with a god-complex be that scary?

At only 80 minutes, this movie will keep your little ones attention and occupied for a nice length of time. 

The end left scope for sequels so there may be more to the story yet.

The DVD is out now at all major retailers.

*That is the chorus which happens to also be on a loop when you are viewing the DVD menu. FYI, if you want to bug the pants off of your ten year old, chase them around the house singing that at the top of your lungs. 

I received a copy of "The Voyages of Young Dr. Dolittle" from Child's Play Communications to review. All opinions are my own. Thanks Child's Play Communication!