Madly in Love Monday

When I dreamed of what my husband would be like, when I thought about the characteristics I wanted him to posses, when I fantasized about the man I would marry, I didn't think about rich, tall, dark, or handsome (although rich would have been nice - just sayin'.)  What I did want in a soul mate was that we would be able to laugh together.

Engineer and I have a very similar sense of humor.  Something can happen or be said and we can catch each other's eye and start to laugh.  We know what the other is thinking. 

I have a serious problem with having, as my Maw-maw used to say, "my tickle box turned over."  Meaning, once I start laughing about something I can't stop, and everything becomes funny at that point.  It really is a serious medical condition that I should get checked out.  Engineer agrees.

Engineer does not have this problem.  In fact, most of the time if something is humorous, he has a twisted smirk on his face and that may be all you get from the situation.  No raucous laughter or snorts or chortles from him - just a half cocked smile and a glint in his eye. 

That is why it is extra funny when his tickle box gets dusted off and turns over.  Which is exactly what happened the other night. 

We were laying in bed and he must have thought of something funny that happened earlier and started giggling.  I had no idea why he was laughing.  I asked him and he just kept on giggling.  I tried as hard as I could to be the steely partner who only gives a mild nod in the direction of amusement but with my condition and all, it was inevitable that I would crack.

So then I found myself trying to choke back giggles.  My eyes were tearing, my cheeks were cramping, my side was burning, so finally I just blurted out mid guffaw, "WHAT THE HECK ARE WE LAUGHING ABOUT?!"

For some reason that just made him laugh harder.  And for the first time in my life, there, next to the man I love, I laughed myself to sleep.

I am madly in love this Monday because I never needed someone to make me laugh, just someone to laugh with, and I have that someone. 

1-4-3 EM! 

Now, why was it that we were laughing again?...

This is part of Heavenly Homemakers GratiTuesday.


  1. Ok, now I'M laughing! My middle child has "tickle box" issues, and frequently spews milk... out her nose. What a blessing to have a partner to laugh with!

  2. Poor baby. I can totally identify. Maybe she and I need to start a support group - although I'm not sure anything would get done with all of us laughing and spewing liquid from our faces and all.

  3. THAT is the most awesome thing I've read all day. It makes me so happy! I'm glad you shared it. Don't you just love having someone like that to share life with? I do!

  4. Howdy Ms. Alicia! I'm glad I could make you happy. :) Have a great day!


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