Dishing It Up Recipe Hop - Thanksgiving Leftover Remakes

I am proud to present to you the Dishing it Up recipe hop along with this fine group of ladies:  Thrifty Texas Penny, Mama's Money Tree, Deals From Ms. Do, Saving Myself Silly, Dearly Domestic, 20 Something Saver, The Happy Lil' Homemaker, Saving By Design, and Eating With MiMi.

I know, I know.  We haven't even made it to Thanksgiving yet and we are already talking about the leftovers. 

To be honest, we really like Thanksgiving leftovers so we will eat them as is for the most part.  But, I do usually have grander plans for Ol' Tom.

My usual plan is to pull all of the leftover turkey off of the bones and put them in 2c. portions in freezer bags, tubs, or jars - whatever is handy.  That way, I whenever a recipe calls for chicken, I'll just use turkey instead.  I don't throw away the bones either, I will slow cook those for about a day to make stock. 

I found a recipe for Stuffin' Muffins last year and thought it was a brilliant way to use up turkey, dressing, and cranberry sauce.  If you have leftover gravy, just pour that over the top.  These are great for lunchboxes too.

Stuffin' Muffins

Leftover Turkey
Leftover Dressing
Leftover Cranberry Sauce
An Egg (optional)
A Little Stock

Mix everything up together until it is a good consistency.  You want it to be a little wetter than you'd eat it so it doesn't dry out when it cooks.  Grease your muffin tin(s) and fill with the mixture.  Bake them at 350F for about 20 to 25 minutes or until the egg is cooked through and the muffin holds its shape. 

Also part of Coco & Cocoa.