Perfectly Practical #81 - Set Out Your Clothes

I've told you how we overcome the Honeywhattiegoeswiththisshirt Syndrome but what I failed to mention is that all three of us set out our clothes, not just Engineer.

On Sunday evenings, Engineer irons all of the shirts that he needs for the week so that they are ready to go each day.  He doesn't have to factor ironing into his highly calculated morning primp time.  (When I say highly calculated morning primp time, I mean the man leaves at precisely the same time every morning.  Every morning.) 

Diva knows to set out her school uniform for the next day every evening before she goes to bed.  That way we don't encounter the whole "I don't have my Tuesday shirt!" situation.  If she finds that the night before, she indeed does not have the right top or bottom, then I have time to launder some clothes before she needs them.

As for Sundays, Diva and I both have our clothes hanging up the week before.  You can see from the picture that I have a dress form in our room. On it, I put what I will be wearing the next Sunday complete with hat, gloves, purse, etc.  It serves two purposes.  Firstly, I don't have to worry about picking out clothes on a Sunday morning - the only morning that all three of us have to get ready at the same time.  Secondly, the dress form serves as an ever changing decoration for our room.

It will save you much time and precious pre-coffee thinking power if you just put out your clothes the night before.

This is part of We Are That Family's Works for Me Wednesday.


  1. We have the "days of the week" hanging shelves in each child's room. On Saturday afternoon, when all laundry is done, we load them up for the school/work week and choose our Sunday clothes. I'm SO not a morning person. I seriously giggled when I read about your Engineer. My Engineer can't match clothes and has his morning routine, too!

  2. In her "school clothes" drawer, Diva has little day of the week labels that she made for each pile of clothes. If she has dance lessons or swimming at school, then those clothes go in the coordinating pile as well. What is it about engineers? :)

  3. I think your dress form might scare a little fluid out of me during the night :-)

  4. Oh Ms. Cricket, I'm sure it would depend on how scary the hat was that was hanging from it. ;)


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