Yea Cheap Carmex!

Even if I wasn't part of the Carmex blog squad, I would sing the praises of the Carmex skin care line.  I truly do love the stuff. 

When I attempted the 30 Day Shred awhile back, I was doing "planks" on my den carpet and I can tell you whatever good it might have been doing for my waistline, it proportionally wreaked havoc on the skin on my elbows and arms.  I tried various solutions but it was the Carmex skin cream that made my skin soft and supple again.

I would venture to say that Carmex products are some of the few that I would actually pay for in spite of getting so many other kinds for free.

Here's the deal:  this morning I was sent a link for a really good coupon for Carmex lotion.  This month, Walgreens has a deal going with Carmex skin care where you buy 2 products at $5 each you will receive $5 RRs.  After 2 of these coupons and the Register Rewards, the products will be $1 each!