Menu Plan Monday

Happy Labor Day! 

This week we will be adding the final activities in the mix - youth group and dance lessons.  After this week, our normal schedule will be solidified.

My Ladies-wot-Brunch got together this past weekend and as always, it was lovely to visit with them.
This week, I am hoping to finish canning so that I can get on with the next task of making a bunch of freezer meals.  Hubby is adamant that he will be filling the deep freeze with several deer so I need to clean it out in anticipation if not in support.  :)

This week's bold recipes will be from the 1979 Southern Living Annual Recipes Cookbook.

Monday - Dinner w/In laws
Tuesday - Spanish Rice Casserole & Greens
Wednesday - Chicken Fried Steak, Twice Baked Potatoes, and Sweet & Sour Green Beans
Thursday - Cheeseburger Biscuits, Baked Beans, and Salad
Friday - Date Night

You may be interested in a series I have started on Family Suppertimes.  Last week's post on Dinner Together at the Table was the inaugural one.  Come back tomorrow for the next installment.

This is part of Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday.


  1. Why wouldn't you support deer? YUM! :)

  2. Indeed Ms. Jen! I'm looking forward to a nice backstrap and some comforting venison chili. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. A zinfandel pair very well with venison.


    Nannette Eaton

  4. Howdy Ms. Nannette! Mmmm....zinfandel and venison...and chocolate since it also goes well with both zinf and venison. Come on deer season!!! Thanks for stopping by!


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