Menu Ideas From the Brookshire's Ad

A meal plan is a great way to save money and not waste food.

I want to show you that as long as you are intentional in your shopping and cooking, you will save money on your grocery bill regardless if you use coupons or not. Generally, the cost of the whole meal will be less than or equal to the tip you would leave at a restaurant.

These menu ideas are based on a family of 4 and taken directly from the Brookshire's circulars.

Four of my favorite frugal foods are on sale this week:  Rice, Beans, Whole Chickens, and Potatoes.

This week you could feed your family:

Elizabethan Chicken, Green Beans, & Roasted Potatoes
Use:  Pilgrim's Pride Whole Chicken (make stock from carcass), Red Seedless Grapes, 5lb. bag Russet Potatoes, PictSweet Deluxe Frozen Green Beans

Sausage & Potatoes and Plums 
Use:  Leftover Potatoes & John Morell Sausage

Rice & Beans and Grapes
Use:  Food Club 2lb. bag Rice, Food Club 2lb. bag Beans, and Leftover Grapes

Chicken & Rice Soup
Use:  Stock from earlier, Leftover Rice, PictSweet Mixed Vegetables

Papas y Huevos Tacos & Refried Beans
Use:  Mission Tortillas ($1.50), 5lb. bag Potatoes, Food Club 18ct Eggs, Food Club Refried Beans

Lasagna & Salad
Use:  Stouffer's Family Sized Lasagna & Fresh Express Salad

Stuffed Peppers and Mac & Cheese
Use:  Large Green Peppers, Leftover Rice and/or Beans, Food Club Mac & Cheese x 2

Fish Sticks, Mashed Potatoes, & Peas
Use:  Fisher Boy Fish Sticks, Leftover Potatoes, & PictSweet Deluxe Steamers x 2

Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole & Brussels Sprouts
Use:  Pilgrim's Pride Whole Chicken (Boil it and pull all meat off of the bone and divide into 4 portions) Food Club 2lb. bag Rice, PictSweet Brussels Sprouts x 2

Chicken Enchiladas Rice & Beans
Use:  Mission Tortillas, Food Club Cheese, Leftover Rice & Leftover Beans

Chicken Stir Fry
Use:  Leftover Chicken, Leftover Rice, PictSweet California Style Veggies x 2

Chicken Pot Pie & Salad
Use:  All Leftover Veggies from the week, Leftover Chicken Stock, Leftover Chicken Meat, Food Club 5lb. bag Flour, Fresh Express Salad

Baked Potatoes & Salad
Use:  Leftover Potatoes, Leftover Cheese, & Leftover Salad

That's 13 meals for around $62.41 or $4.80 per meal or $1.20 per person per meal if you are not using coupons.
If you are using coupons, then your totals will be closer to $54.70 or $4.21 per meal or $1.06 per person per meal.


  1. What recipe do you use for Elizabethan chicken?

  2. Well Ms. Danielle, you could portion out the whole chicken and pan fry it in pieces or I was thinking boil the chicken (keep the stock) and pull it off of the bone. Sautee some onions in butter then throw in the chicken. Pour over some chicken stock and a dash of cider vinegar. Bring to a boil then simmer for a few minutes. Take out the chicken mixtures and throw some grapes, half & half, and nutmeg into the pan and heat through. (You could thicken the sauce with cornflour if you wanted to.) Season to taste. Pour the sauce over the chicken and enjoy. If you try it, let me know how it turns out. Thanks for stopping by!


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