I Could Be Donna Reed...

I was sent a pair of High Hell inserts for review purposes.
All opinions and strange choice of clothing are my own.
For you, the readers, I will go to great lengths to test out a product to review so that you can have a basic knowledge and honest opinion of said product before you purchase it.  That being said...

Imagine Engineer's amusement and delight to come home and find me doing housework in heels...yoga pants and heels but heels nonetheless.  See, I told you, great lengths.  And in keeping with the spirit of all things perfectly practical, my footwear choice was mutually beneficial for both the product test and Engineer's mood.

Why was I wearing heels to scrub toilets?  Was I channeling Donna Reed?  Uh....no.  I was sent Dr. Scholl's For Her inserts for heels to review.  I had been eyeballing these at the store for a while but hadn't justified buying them since I usually only wear heels to church or out to a function.  After testing them in a more rigorous fashion, I wished that I would have gotten them sooner.

Speaking of fashion, I love a fabulous pair of shoes as much as the next girl (please don't ask how many pairs I have, I prefer to keep that info in the closet, literally) but I am not a huge fan of how my feet feel in them after an hour or so. 

When I wear heels, often it is to a reception or function where I will be standing a good portion of the time.  By the end of the event, the balls of my feet are throbbing and I am cursing the makers of my super cute shoes - but no more.  Thank you Dr. Scholl's!

The gel insole wasn't too thick where it made my shoes tight and it wasn't too squishy where you felt like you were walking on Jell-O, it was just right - thin, cool, and cushiony.  The first time I wore them out in public was with a pair of strappy heels and no one could tell they were there.  Invisibility is a good thing since I would like for my shoes to be noticed and not my insoles. 

If you decide to take the plunge and try them out but disagree with my findings, Dr. Scholl's offers a money back guarantee.  On top of that, they have a $2 coupon on their website.

I may wear heels more often to do housework since Dr. Scholl's has taken the discomfort out of long term heel wearage.  Now if only someone would ask me to review pearls I will give Ms. Reed a serious run for her money...  

This post was written for BzzAgent. I received free products to try and to review. All views and opinions written are my own.