flipflop Wines - Review

I was sent wine for review purposes.
All opinions and fabulous neighbors with which to share the experience are my own.
I feel like I have a pretty charmed life...especially when I get a chance to review wines.  :)

The makers of flipflop wines sent me three varieties to try out, a Pinot Grigio, a Riesling, and a Pinot Noir.   The wines arrived on a Tuesday so on Friday, we had a neighborhood wine tasting.  As I told the wine makers, we are always one step away from a party, and that's the truth.

Engineer and I tend to lean toward reds but are not opposed to whites and my cousin is the opposite.  So how surprised were we when our preferences were "flip-flopped"?  (It's okay, you can groan at the pun.)   

Engineer was the official pourer. 

I was the note reader (notice the very intense expression - I took my job very seriously.)  We wanted to have a proper tasting so we could be as thorough as possible for you.  You're welcome.  :)

First we checked the color on each wine.

Next we examined the "nose."  By the way, isn't this a fabulous picture of Super Mom?  I think she looks a bit like Twiggy here.

I won't show you pictures of us inspecting the "mouth" of the wine since we were all too busy actually tasting the wines to snap photos.  Instead, here's a picture of my cousin listening to me describe the wine we had just tasted from the notes.  Hi Wendy!

The standout taste-tester was Super Dad.  He was spot on picking out the flavors and finishes for each wine.

Onto our findings taken from our collective notes:

Flipflop Pinot Grigio 750MLPinot Grigio
  • Fruity, light and crisp, tastes of pears 
This was Super Mom's and my favorite.  It wasn't too sweet and was very refreshing.  Super Dad thought it reminded him of mirliton (chayote.)

Flipflop Riesling 750MLRiesling
  • Grape-y, peachy, sweet, smooth
The Riesling was the guys' favorite.  It was slightly sweeter than the Pinot Grigio and had a more mellow finish.

Flipflop Pinot Noir 750MLPinot Noir
  • Tastes of vanilla, brown sugar, and butter, had a slight bite in the finish
We thought the "nose" on this one smelled like we were baking.  This was Wendy's favorite.

Make no mistake, we all liked all of the wines; we just all had our favorites and as you can see, we didn't have a clear group favorite.

David Georges, the flipflop vintner, said, "These are just good wines that complement the everyday casual lifestyle."  We totally agree with that statement.  Each variety that we tried had a good flavor and nice finish and did not taste "cheap" even though the retail price is very reasonable (around $7 a bottle at Kroger.)  The wines did have a very drinkable quality to them that would make them easy to pair with almost anything you fancy eating. 

One other tidbit about flipflop, they are a charitable company and are partnered with soles4souls.  Each bottle that is sold provides a pair of flip flops for a child in need.  Flipflop wines have also sponsored the Flippin' Good Deeds Challenge.  They want to encourage us all to clean out our closets and donate our gently worn shoes to soles4souls who will distribute them to underprivileged children throughout the world.