A Day in the Life of This Housewife...

6:30am Get child up and dressed for school
Let animals out
Clean up unmentionable mess made by one of said animals (yes, I'm talking about you New Cat)
Have first cup of much needed coffee
Pack lunch for child
Find Tuesday's shirt for child
Send child to Super Mom's to have breakfast and walk with them to school
Gather up new cat and old dog as well as their paperwork to take them to the vet
Drop off child's trombone at school
7:30am Pour to-go cup of coffee
Leave for vet that's 35 minutes away
Listen to new cat yowl all.the.way.there.
Consider handing new cat through the window to passing vehicles to stop the yowling
8:05am Arrive at vet and old dog gets whisked away to be prepped for surgery before I have a chance to throw myself over her and weep
8:10am New cat gets called into vet office for check-up
8:15am Talk to vet about new cat's unbelievably rank fluffies (read:  gas)
8:16am Vet assistant has experienced and can confirm napalm coming from cat's bottom
8:20am New cat is asleep in assistant's arms even though the vet is giving him a shot (best 1st time visit to the vet ever behavior-wise, ailment-wise, a different story)
8:45am Take new cat home (another 35 minute drive)
9:15am-11:30am Wrote up Brookshire' deals, drank more coffee, picked up around house, wrote out to do list, and had lunch
11:31am Vet calls with old dog's blood test results and they are not good; shows anemia which could mean other underlying problems
11:37am Vet wants decision whether or not to operate today in light of test results
11:39am Try to track down Engineer who is at conference in Dallas and leave a message asking him what he wants to do
11:45am Engineer reluctantly steps out of conference to call me back for a quick discussion and decides to cancel today's operation and reschedule after further tests
11:55am Call vet to halt operation, and reschedule
12:00pm Try to play with and cheer up the other old dog who is moping around since first old dog is not around
12:10pm Take a shower and get dressed in something other than sweats or yoga pants (and yes, this is noteworthy in my book when it happens before 2pm)
12:40pm Go to mall to spend JCP Rewards
Get cute dress for me, and a t-shirt and leggings for child for a whopping $1.26
1:02pm Visit friend in mall and tell her of the case of mistaken identity at Walgreens (apparently, somehow the Wags employees have her name associated with the dreaded shelf-clearing mess making rude customer that comes in early Sunday mornings and gets everything on sale before anyone else has a chance, needless to say, this is NOT my friend)
1:06pm Make a date with friend to go into Wags and introduce her properly forthwith so as not to slander her good name any further
1:10pm Pick up husband's diploma from frame shop, listen to how there was a kerfuffle with the card machine and it charged us for our purchase plus the person's after us, and accept proprietor's apology
1:25pm Get car inspected, vaguely recognize high school classmate but not in enough time to do more than a fleeting smile
2:00pm Run through Sonic for beverage
2:08pm Put check in bank
2:15pm Take costume items back to friend
2:37pm Go back home to drop off diploma
Check on depressed animals who are still curled up sleeping in the same positions I left them 2 hours ago
3:00pm Pick up children from school
Drop off neighbor kids
Tell Super Mom about the situation
3:25pm Run to Brookshire's
4:15pm Put groceries away
4:31pm Jump in car to go back to the vet's office to pick up old dog
5:06pm Get to vet office
5:15pm Vet talks to us about situation again
6:00pm Back home, unload old dog, have a happy reunion, write up this little account of how a day in the life of a housewife goes, get supper started, remind child to practice piano, trombone, & guitar, and do homework, have chat with Super Mom

So there you have it folks.  A play by play account of a day in the life of a soap opera watching bon bon eating lady of leisure housewife.  ;)


  1. And people wonder why I miss being a soap opera watching bon bon eating lady of leisure housewife.

    Reading this makes me want to crunch the numbers in our budget to see if I can make it happen.

  2. What was the clincher for you Ms. Becky, the stinky cat or the inordinate amount of driving back and forth all day long? ;) Seriously though, being a housewife does have it's perks. I mean, I did get a new dress out of the deal. :)

  3. Hilarious, because I'm right there with you every day! Being at a stay-at-home mom, I very rarely "stay at home", and when I do, I'm usually WORKING at home!!

  4. Isn't that the truth Mrs. H.! Thanks for stopping by!


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