This Week...

This week...
  • Diva & I took a spinning class at Rose Path in Lindale, TX.  That's fiber spinning, not stationary bicycle spinning.  We combed out wool and spun it into thread/yarn using both a drop spindle and a spinning wheel. 
  • I have baked 'til I cain't bakes no more.
  • I finished my first solo knitting project - a dishrag.
  • Engineer and I pulled up what's left of our scorched garden and planted a new crop of seeds.
  • Diva & I got all of her school supplies and uniforms in order.
  • I made a batch of peppermint meringues and took them to a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon.
  • Diva and Engineer planted some pumpkin plants.
  • Our family celebrated my Sister-in-Law's 26th birthday...I remember was back when I didn't have a MIDDLE SCHOOLER living in my house...
  • I started a "no 'poo" experiment (more on that later.)
  • I started an "oil cleansing method" experiment.
What did you do?