Organizing the Fam

I don't know about y'all but life here at The Little Pink House entails a lot of lists, calendars, and various other means of organizing all of my peeps schedules. 
I really like online organizers - although they will never take the place of my beloved paper lists.  Lists make me happy. 
Anyhoo...I came across a new online organizer today and thought I would share.  It's called AboutOne and it is very similar to Cozi if you are familiar with that program.
I can't say that I personally use all of the features listed but I do love that I can keep my family calendar all in one place with standing appointment that come up automatically. 
This system can be accessed from any web enabled device and has features like a section for babysitter notes, volunteer hours, or a digital scrapbook.  One of the neatest aspects of this program is that it has a built in family newsletter application. 
AboutOne has a free trial period (without asking for your credit card info) and then you have the option to continue use and pay $30 a year or cancel - very laid back and easy going - no pressure.