Menu Plan Monday

This week kicks off some our after school activities:  piano, library, and guitar.  Next week we will pick up the rest.

We found out Diva needs glasses.  That news could have gone either really well or really badly.  Lucky for us she is really excited about getting them.  She picked out two pair (I'm not taking a chance on not having a back-up just in case.)

A very special package arrived in the mail last week - Engineer's Master's Degree!  Yea!  Of course he has informed me that besides the ethics exam and the Professional Engineering Exam that he has yet to take, he also has some other exam before he can be a practicing stampable P.E.  Then after he is a P.E., he has yet more classes to take.  Will this stuff ever end?  I'm 98% certain Engineer picked this field because it requires study and continuing education.

I'm hosting brunch this Saturday and very much looking forward to it.

The food this week needs to be from my freezer.  Engineer and a good friend of ours are hoping for some positives results from their hunting endeavors this year and I have been warned that the freezer needs to be cleared out.  Plus, if last year is any indication of how this year will go, I will be freezing crazy amounts of sweet potatoes and pumpkin from our CSA in the not so distant future.  No problem (in theory.)  So thus begins our personal eat-from-the-freezer challenge. 

All bold recipes will be from the 1985 Southern Living Annual Recipes. 

Monday - Smothered Beef & Onions with Rice and Green Bean Casserole
Tuesday - Texas Straw Hat (basically a homemade Frito Pie) & Salad
Wednesday - Sausage Skillet Supper & Grapes
Thursday - Hot Dogs, Chips, and Apple Slices
Friday - Date Night/Out to some friends' house for dinner

This is part of Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday.