Menu Ideas From the Brookshire's Ad

A meal plan is a great way to save money and not waste food.

I want to show you that as long as you are intentional in your shopping and cooking, you will save money on your grocery bill regardless if you use coupons or not. Generally, the cost of the whole meal will be less than or equal to the tip you would leave at a restaurant.

These menu ideas are based on a family of 4 and taken directly from the Brookshire's circulars.

You may think that this week's sales aren't great, and they aren't for coupons, but they are wonderful for meal planning on a strict budget.

This week you could feed your family quite a few Crock Pot (read: low energy: high impact) meals. 

*Beans & Greens (3.68)
Use:  Red Onion (buy 1lb. and use one onion for beans and 1/2 of one for greens), Food Club Pinto Beans, Food Club Frozen Greens

Hot Dogs, Mac & Cheese, & Baked Beans (3.8)
Use:  Brookshire's Buns, Bar-S Hot Dogs, Kraft Mac & Cheese Dinner, Van Camp's Baked Beans x 2

*Salsa Chicken & Rice (6.19)
Use:  5lb. bag chicken thighs (save the bones and make stock), Food Club Salsa, Food Club Rice, 1c. leftover pinto beans from earlier (drained), and Food Club Frozen Corn (1 cup save the rest for later)

Pot Pies and Mixed Veggies (4.4)
Use:  Banquet Pot Pies x 4 & Food Club Frozen Mixed Veggies

Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole and Corn (2)
Use:  leftover chicken, leftover rice, Food Club Frozen Broccoli, leftover corn

*Hawaii 5-0 Chicken & Rice (4.18)
Use: 5lb. bag Chicken Leg Quarters, Food Club Canned Fruit, Red Onion

*Mexican Soup (1)
Use:  leftover beans, bean juice, veggies, rice, chicken stock, even leftover hot dogs sliced up, Food Club Salsa

That's seven meals for a total of around $25.25 with or without coupons or $3.61 per meal or $.90 per person per meal!!!!!  That's incredible!

 * denotes Crock Pot Meal
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