Perfectly Practical #69 - Plastic Wrap Tip

While everyone was packing up their dishes to take home after Supper Club, my friend asked if she could have some plastic wrap to go over the top of her leftover (scrumptious and decadent) trifle. 

I said of course and as I was getting it from my pantry, she said, "I have a little tip for you." 

My ears perked up; love those little tips from friends.

She proceeded to tell me that she keeps her plastic wrap in the freezer so that it doesn't stick to itself when she is trying to wrap something up. 


It's helpful to have friends who are also perfectly practical.

This is part of Works for me Wednesday over at We Are That Family.


  1. so does it work? Not that I will have room in my freezer for plastic wrap in the next 15 years, but I might eventually try it if it works :-)

  2. Howdy Ms. Cricket and yes, I think it must because she does it and swears by it.


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