A Random Day in the Life of a Housewife

6:15am - Start making yogurt
Get lunches sorted
Make sure everyone is spit-shined before they leave the house for work/school
Text SuperMom to borrow Neighbor Boy #1's gym shorts
Cut lettuce from the garden for SuperMom as a thank you for the shorts
Pick squash from garden
Cut hydrangeas w/SuperMom for Neighbor Boy #2's teacher
Get asked, "What does s-e-x mean?"  Oh brother...why is Engineer never around for this kind of thing?
Try to answer the most uncomfortable question in the world with poise
Call Diva's school to let them know of the impending orthodontist appointment
Take Diva to the orthodontist
Take Diva to school
Next phase of yogurt process
Do a load of laundry
Start typing notes for the yogurt demo
Pick up around the house
Put all props together for demo
Do It Yourself Mom shows up and we load up to head to school
Do the yogurt and cheese making demonstration for the class
Come home and start grains soaking for breakfast cookies & breakfast cake that will be made tomorrow
Call someone on speakerphone and am pretty sure I forgot to hang up when the machine picked up so they quite possibly could have 15 minutes of me singing and talking to myself. 
Realized this may have occurred
More sweat, tears, and fainting
Wash an inordinate amount of vegetables from the CSA
Cook a mess of greens
Cook a batch of squash
Answer some e-mails
Pick up children from school
Deposit neighborhood children at their homes
Had a parent/teacher conference (it went very well)
Find out at conference that I am responsible for making 2 dozen pigs-in-a-blanket for school...tomorrow
Make a menu for Saturday's brunch
Make a shopping list for Saturday's brunch
Do a load of dishes
Visit with a friend
Pick lettuce from garden for supper
Make supper
Have supper with family
Do another load of laundry
Go to knitting
Find knitting is cancelled so go to Brookshire's
Elongate table so it can be set for brunch
Make granola
Thaw sausages for pigs-in-a-blanket
9:44 Go to bed

Any other housewives got that feet-never-touched-the-ground sorta feelin'?


  1. Love this! I was laughing and crying at the same time! Will be coming back to read more!

  2. Love this! I was laughing and crying at the same time! Will be coming back to read more!

  3. Well, my feet don't hit the ground much during the day because they're propped up on the coffee table while my rumps on the couch with my computer on my lap writing. But, yes when I'm not in said position, I am all over the place as well. :-)

  4. Ms. Super Coupon Lady, thanks for stopping by and you are welcome 'round these parts anytime.
    Ms. Cricket, today looks like a repeat of yesterday already! Yikes! Also, I realized that I never mentioned that I did actually take a shower - in the morning. That is a pretty big deal and I'm fairly sure the sackboys at Brookshire's didn't recognize me without my sweats on. :)


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