Menu Plan Monday

Today some friends and I will be attending a cooking class at a local vineyard (yes, East Texas has a vineyard - quite a few vineyards actually).  There are only five of us so it's basically private tutelage.  Lovely.  I am really looking forward to it.
Last week, my best laid plans went all whompyjawed and the menu went out the window.  So this week we are going to have a redo of last week's plans plus some leftovers for good measure.
Have a wonderful week y'all!

Monday - Leftovers from whatever I end up making at the cooking class
Tuesday - Neighborhood Dinner
Wednesday - Jalapeno Jack Pie, Bean Salad, Green Salad
Thursday - Garlic Shrimp, Roasted Kohlrabi, and Squash
Friday - Date Night

This is part of Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday.


  1. What in the world is Jalapeno Jack Pie? I'm off to go research lol

  2. Well, Ms. Becca, I'll tell you:
    It's a shortcrust pastry filled with beaten eggs, shredded jack cheese, chopped jalapenos, chopped roasted red peppers, and cream (basically a jalapeno quiche.) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. wow, my husband would really like that! I just noticed my jalapeno plants that haven't been doing so well finally had some blooms on them this morning so maybe I could try that recipe. It is really nice that you take the time to write menus. I wish I could be consistent with that.

  4. It saves my sanity to have at least an outline of a plan even if it doesn't always get followed to a "t." ;) Try out the Jack Pie and let me know if y'all like it. Thanks for stopping in!


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