Menu Ideas From the Brookshire's Ad

These menu ideas are based on a family of 4 and taken directly from the Brookshire's weekly circular.  The grilled squash and zucchini and garbanzo bean (chickpea) salad are from the monthly magazine.

This week you could feed your family:

Chicken Fajitas, Mexican Rice, & Pinto Beans
Use: The Real Big Deal, Pictsweet Frozen Onions & Peppers Mix, Old El Paso Mexican Rice, Food Club Pinto Beans x 2

Doritos Chicken and Black Beans
Use:  Pilgrim's Boneless Skinless Chicken, Tostitos, Salsa from The Real Big Deal, Food Club Black Beans x 2

Chicken Broccoli Alfredo
Use:  Skinner Pasta x 2, Chicken from before, Buitoni Alfredo Sauce x 2

BBQ Sandwiches, Corn, & Green Beans
Use:  Lloyd's BBQ meat, Nature's Own Bread, Food Club canned Corn x 2, Food Club canned Green Beans x 2
Zucchini Pancakes, Bacon, and Strawberries w/Cream
Use:  1lb. Zucchini, Bisquick Shake n' Pour x 2, Bacon from Lloyd's deal, Strawberries, Reddi Wip
Chicken Tacos, Mexican Rice, Grilled Squash & Zucchini
Use:  Chicken from before, shredded, Old El Paso Shells & Rice, 1lb. Squash, and 1lb. Zucchini
Corny Dogs and Chickpea Salad
Use:  Bar-S Corny Dogs & Food Club Garbanzo Beans x 2
Hot Dogs and Fried Squash
Use:  Ball Park Franks, Nature's Own Bread from before, 2lb. Squash
Tomato Soup & Sandwich
Use:  Food Club Tomatoes x 2, Nature's Own Bread from before, Hormel Lunch meat from Lloyd's Deal
Pizza & Garlic Toast
Use:  Tony's Pizza x 4 and New York Texas Garlic Toast
Meal for Two & Veggies
Use:  Steamfresh Voila! x 2 and frozen veggies x 2 (Pictsweet if no coupons and Steamfresh if coupons)
Tomato & Okra Gumbo
Use:  Food Club Tomatoes x 2 and Pictsweet Okra Gumbo Veggies x 2
French Toast & Strawberries
Use:  Nature's Own Bread from before and Strawberries from before
Pinto Beans & Turnip Greens
Use:  Food Club Pinto Beans x 2 and Pictsweet Turnip Greens
That's 14 meals folks. 
The breakdown:
$88.54 total without coupons or $76.89 with coupons
$6.32 per meal without coupons or $5.49 per meal with coupons 
$1.58 per person per meal without coupons or $1.37 per person per meal with coupons