March & April '11 Finals

This is a 2fer update.  No big news or goal updates...yet...
My $280 a month budget includes groceries, toiletries, sundries, and various other words ending with "ies." 

Total Retail:  $1,271.80
Total OOP:  $159.23
Savings 87%

Total Retail:  $1,135.72
Total OOP:  $279.62
Savings 75%

I am okay with not having super high savings percentages.  We came in under budget even with having guests and various entertaining engagements.  That's what a good stockpile and freezer cooking will do for you - help stretch your budget so you don't blow your budget.


  1. LOL, I was thinking this weekend that I had missed my April update. Poking around yesterday I realized I also missed March. Guess we were distracting each other :-)

  2. I should also add that 75 and 87 percent is fabulous for overall savings!


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