Madly in Love Monday

I am madly in love this Monday because my Engineer is a stinker...figuratively...he doesn't actually smell offensive...I digress... 

He does this thing whereby he can't just tell me good news like a normal person, instead he has to just nonchalantly throw it into a conversation somewhere.  I think he just wants to see if I am actually paying attention to whatever he is saying at the time.

For instance, Engineer was reconciling our bank statements the other night and as he was doing so, he spoke of his day and how his boss had taken him out for lunch.  I said, "That was nice" in an I'm-only-half-paying-attention-because-you-are-talking-to-me-while-I-am-trying-to-melt-into-the-couch-after-a-manic-day sort of way.  He continued on in an even tone, "The Bossman said how pleased he was with my work and how he would like to give me a raise.  What did you debit for $11.23?!"

Yep.  That's how I find out any major goings on in Engineer's life, through the "by the way" comments during his regular chit chat.  So I had better be listening all...the...time.  :)

Thank you EM for being a hard worker, a great provider, and for forcing me to be making me a better listener.  I'm very proud of you.
1-4-3 EM!

This will be on Heavenly Homemaker's GratiTuesday.