Thank You Very Much Catfish Express

Our church had a lovely Easter egg hunt on Saturday. 

Besides the chocolates on the tables, the baskets of extra candy in the gym, the filled plastic eggs that dotted every nook and cranny of the church grounds and prayer walk, the kiddos also had the chance to find some coupons.  You know me and coupons so I was particularly hopeful Diva would snag one of these.  ;) 

The coupons were donated by Catfish Express here in Marshall for a free kid's meal.  I had mentioned to Betsy that our church was having an Easter egg hunt and she handed me a sack full of pre-filled eggs on the spot. 

You may remember a little post I wrote about them awhile ago.  Nothing has changed...I say nothing has changed except that last week my family tried to get into the restaurant after church and the line was to the door!  What a wonderful problem to have! 

I truly believe that because their family is so generous and community minded, they are blessed with great customers that come back again and again (and will even wait for a table.)  :) 

So thank you Catfish Express for helping our egg hunt become a little more exciting.  We sure do appreciate y'all!