Perfectly Practical #56 - Mayonnaise

I am not a mayo fan; I'm a mustard girl all the way.  However, I still try and pick up a jar or two when it goes on sale - not just for potato salad - but for household usage.

Did you know that:

 - If you have a water ring or crayon mark on wood furniture, you can remove it by rubbing a little mayonnaise into the wood and leaving it overnight.  In the morning, wipe it away.
 - To deep condition your hair, nails, or face, use mayo.  For hair use instead of conditioner and leave a few minutes before rinsing.  For nails, let your fingernails soak in the may for about 5 minutes before rinsing.  For your face let the mayo stay on there for around 20 minutes before rinsing.
 - A home stager's trick is to wipe plant leaves (or piano keys) down with mayo.  It will leave them shiny for a good long while.
 - A natural (well, as natural as mass produced mayo can be) way to get rid of lice is to work the mayo into the hair and leave overnight under a shower cap.  In the morning, comb out the lice and wash the hair as normal.  Repeat as necessary.
 - Mayo will remove gum from hair, glue from bumper stickers, and pine sap or tar from cars.
 - For sunburn relief, slather a little cold mayo on your skin.
 - If you are making a cake but have no milk, eggs, or oil, never fear, mayo to the rescue.  Just use it in place of the milk & oil.  Here is a recipe for a very simple chocolate cake

Anything I left out?