The Next Installment...

(Guest post by our dear English charge, Georgia.)
On the drive home I was exhausted but pleased to outta there and on the way home I had my first Texas taste - Whataburger or what a burger! I had the measley (in US terms) number one with fries and a drink. I was not expecting such a huge drink!  It was massive!  I had never seen something so big. I filled it with Fanta not yet knowing that root beer existed and sat down. Then the next disaster struck...The burger was too big for me to finish. Ashamed, I went back to the car and fell asleep.
Once I had a night's sleep, I was back on form again and ready to see Texas.
First I had to be introduced to the second family...the Walgreens and CVS staff. It was crazy to see Julie in couponing action as we have nothing nearly as effective or exciting in the UK. She got bills down from thirty dollars until she paid just a few cents.
I ended up buying all the things I really wanted like toothpaste and floss...  ;)
On Saturday, Stephen, Devon, and I travelled to the Louisiana Boardwalk and went to Bass Pro. On the way we staged a few tourist pictures to show everyone at home - the sun was so bright it will show them what they are missing! We stopped in tourist information and got a free map to put towards my American stuff.
At the Boardwalk I bought an LSU mug and a Georgia Bulldogs registration plate. We went into an ice cream store where all the staff sang funny songs together so I of course got a video of that.
On the way home we took a few more tourist photos - like the road sign entering Texas.
Sunday is church and sale day so I dressed up as smart as possible but felt slightly under dressed still but that stopped when I realised that we were stopping in at CVS for Sunday morning sales which is funny because back at home my dad has a no shopping on Sunday policy!
The church was very welcoming and we ate breakfast even though I'm not sure fries count as breakfast...
Everyone was so nice and stopped to chat after the service which is exactly what happens at home except we have coffee and tea everywhere. One thing to note so far is that Texas roads are so long and straight and so far the majority of my pictures have been of the roads or road signs.  Now that is sad...
I would like for it to be noted that I didn't realize that her Dad had a no shopping on Sunday policy for their household (sorry Steve) although it is not at all uncommon for Christians in the U.K.  Also, in the beginning, Georgia didn't understand the beauty of couponing but after a couple of times out, she is now a pro and even has planned a shopping trip for us both!  :)  The fries she spoke of are in lieu of hash browns when our church serves breakfast; just thought I should clarify.