More Issues...

Sorry that I haven't posted anything substantial today yet.  Yesterday, Georgia and I packed up the car, had a chocolate/banana milkshake from Sonic, and drove over an hour in beautiful sunny weather to get her to a local-ish airport only to find out that her flight had been cancelled due to weather.  Huh?!  Thanks for letting us know guys.... 

AND that the airline had taken the liberty of changing her flight - on a different carrier to what she booked - to the next day.  We had to make a not-so-snap decision that involved the airlines, Engineer, Georgia's mother (whom Engineer had to wake up to discuss the options), my mother-in-law (who was on call to ride with us to Dallas if need be) and of course Georgia. 

It was a fiasco again. 

First we couldn't get the child here then we couldn't send her back! 

All is well now.  She is en route back to Jolly Olde England and we miss her already...just not all of the flight drama.