Menu Ideas From the Brookshire's Ad

I would love to know how many of you took advantage of the B1G1 deals last week at Brookshire's.  Did you get enough meat to last for a month? 

This week, I don't think we are going to get a month's worth of meals out of the ad but we will get a week's worth certainly.  It is a SUPER frugal and you could cook once and eat twice on lots of the meals.

These are ideas for a family of four using the sale prices.

Beans & Rolls (.69, $.99)
Use:  Food Club Pinto Beans & 4pk. King's Hawaiian Rolls

Asian Orange Chicken over Rice ($7.16, 2.99, .69)
Use:  Family Pack Chicken Breast (4lb. pack), Navel Oranges, Food Club Rice

Okra Gumbo (.69, $2)
Use:  PictSweet Frozen Okra Gumbo Veggies x 2, Food Club Rice

Grilled Chicken Sandwiches, Little Debbie Cakes, Chips, & Oranges (2.39, 9.99, .89, 1.59)
Use:  Tyson Chicken Breast Strips, The BBQ Sauce, & Little Debbie Cakes from The Real Big Deal, Pringles, Orange Segments, and Brookshire's White Bread

Beans & Rice with Cabbage & Sausage ($1, .69)
Use:  Cabbage (3lbs.), Sausage from The Real Big Deal, Food Club Beans, and leftover rice

Baked Fish Fillets, Peas, & Carrots ($2.99, 2, 2)
Use:  Sea Best Fish Fillets, PictSweet Frozen Peas x 2, PictSweet Frozen Carrots x 2

BBQ Chicken Breast, Beans, Chips, & Cantaloupe Wedges (1.59, 2)
Use:  Leftover Chicken, Grillin' Beans & Charcoal from the Real Big Deal, Pringles, & Cantaloupe

Total cost for 7 meals for a family of four without using coupons is around $42.34 (hold on, I need to re-check my math.)  No really, it will be around $6.05 per meal or $1.51 per person per meal!  If you use the corresponding coupons your total will be more like $36.18 for the week or $5.17 per meal or $1.29 per person per meal!

You need to grab you a couple of bags of salad, some fruit, and a couple of cans of tomatoes and you are sorted for the week.