Madly in Love Monday

I am madly in love this Monday with our little Diva. 

Even though she is the picture of me in so many way - physically and in personality - we are so very different. 

Diva is a phenomenal reader.  I like to read but rarely get or take the chance and the book has to really grab me.  Diva takes the chance.  She can be handed a book and read it cover to cover in a matter of hours.  These aren't little kiddie books, oh no.  We are talking about Heaven is for Real or The Call of the Wild and although it took her a few days of reading, The Yearling.  Ever since she has been able to read, she went right into recreational reading.  She is a voracious reader and I am in awe of her.

We have an original watercolor painted circa 2007 by an up-and-coming artist at our front entry.  Many times people compliment the painting upon entering our house.  Those same people are usually surprised that a 6 year old Diva painted that little painting.  Diva is an incredible artist and I can assure you that she did not get that ability from me.  We have other artwork of hers dotted throughout the house and every once and awhile, she has another gem that screams to be framed and hung on prominent display.

How did she get so crafty?  For Christmases, birthdays, etc. Diva has gotten crafting sets as gifts for years and actually uses them!  She has made some pretty cool cards, necklaces, and various other projects.  Yesterday I was asked to help out with her Junior Daughters of the King group.  Were they gardening?  Pickling?  Preserving?  Singing?  Acting?  Learning Etiquette?  Doing anything at all that I would feel confident in my contribution?  No.  Let me rephrase that, NO!  Yesterday's topic was to sew a bookmark.  Great. 

I went early to learn how to do it so I could at least assist the girls (although there was a little girl at my table who could out sew us all.)  Diva was learning at a different table and picked it up quickly (far quicker than I did at practice where I asked the lady 10 times to show me how to finish a stitch and I'm still not sure how to do it.)  When we got home Engineer saw Diva's handiwork and complimented her on it .  He later saw my attempt in the car and asked who's it was.  I told him mine and he acted surprised.  He said it was almost as good as Diva's.  Almost...

When she is not reading or doing something crafty, she is playing with her "village."  The child's imagination is out of this world.  She creates and recreates involved scenarios and elaborate set-ups that she calls her "village."  These scenes tend to take up all available floor space and flat surface area in her room as well and every possible Playmobil, Littlest Pet Shop, Barbie, and stuffed animal.  The extent to which she carries the theme through is mind blowing.  It is an impressive sight although I would not recommend walking into her room barefoot lest you step on a minuscule crumpet or shoe or flower head.

To wrap this big ol' bragfest up, I am madly in love with my Diva because everyday I am thankful for the creativity she brings to our lives.

1-4-3 DM!


  1. She is definitely hilarious. I just get completely tickled by the stuff she comes up with. :) I got a dance recital preview yesterday, complete with "and my partner would be doing this right now." hehehe.

  2. That is so great. Your little diva needs her own blog to show off her artwork :)

    I am visiting from Gratituesday. Nice to "meet" you. We love reaading here too. The library is always our best friend when we travel so much!

    Long Wait For Isabella


  3. Ms. Athene,
    As you know, there is no lack of humor here while Diva is around that is for sure.
    Ms. LaVonne,
    Thanks for stopping by. Oh my goodness at the things Diva could put on her own blog if she had one. It would make your head spin. You know, I have never thought about going to the library while traveling. What a perfectly practical tip! You sound like my kinda gal!


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