Keeping Up To Date...

Written by Georgia:

Saturday was nice and sunny again and we started out by going shopping but this time for food. I ended up spending seventeen dollars on not much,  just chocolate and some crisps! After we got home we then went out to the ballpark to watch the neighbour's son play baseball.  It was so funny to see the mums going crazy and their sons hardly responding. Although they were small children I found it exciting and soon got into the cheering.

In the evening we went to supper club at a friend's house. It was held in a lovely house and all the people were so nice and welcoming. It started with the lamb being caught on fire but, showing what good hosts they were, the cook brought out more lamb and begun cooking again this time without fire. I wasn't sure it was necessary because the first lot of lamb looked like a barbecue in England! At the supper club their were six couples and each brought a homemade dish as part of the meal. Starter was salad with bread rolls, main was lamb chops and corn lasagna and dessert was chocolate cake and raspberry mousse. For me this was all served with a root beer of course.

On Sunday we went along to church after shopping beforehand. After church we went out for pizza buffet for lunch which was once again delicious. I ate so much but not as much as last week because I had learnt my lesson and did not want to eat so much that I felt ill. We then went to a dance recital which was long but for the most part very enjoyable. The only regrettable thing is that we were inside on yet another hot day.

In the evening we went for Whataburger again but I still could not finish my burger. We then headed to CVS for some evening shopping and I stocked up on Aveeno products because they don't even exist in England and it is so good for my skin.

On Monday we drove over to Longview for a major shopping session. We went to Hollister, Cavenders, Academy, Old Navy, and Racquet & Jog. We also went for a chicken sandwich for lunch. It was a busy day but also very controlled there was no rushing in sight. Surprisingly the sun came out in the afternoon after hours of hot clouds and this was nice because we were near the end. I spent a total of $200 which was good I think. I got jumpers, t-shirts, and a cowboy hat! In the evening we ordered BBQ and ate it at home. There were some really tasty ribs which were also spicy which is not good because I am such a wimp when it comes to spice.

On Tuesday we visited a friend's wonderful garden in the morning and then we drove on over to Catfish Village for lunch and my first taste of catfish! Once again I underestimated how big portion sizes are here and over estimated how much I could eat so I stocked up on way too much salad before the food was even served. Again I couldn't finish my meal but it tasted gooooooooood. We then went to an old fashioned shop where I brought an American mail box which my brother asked me to bring home for him...

In the evening the backdoor neighbours came round for steak and to play ball in the garden. It was incredibly humid and hot but also good fun and the steak was cooked on the barbecue and tasted amazing!