Final Thoughts...

(Last guest post from our lovely English lass.)
On Wednesday we did have plans but at seven in the morning the vegetable farmer rang to say they urgently needed help on the farm. So we went over and for about two hours or so picked lettuces and some American thing that looked like weeds.* I successfully used a strimmer and drove a tractor. We then picked more radishes and onions and then stopped for steak fingers for lunch at ten thirty am. Not something I do at home.
In accordance with my root beer addiction I had a root beer float snowcone which was not as nice as I had anticipated because it was too sweet and and didn't actually taste of root beer. This is a time when I needed not to listen to my instincts!
In the afternoon I went into a local school where they asked me lots of questions about England. It was fun because I could talk about boring things but they found them interesting because they were so different. My favourite question to answer was the first one and was simply "Please can you say 'Harry Potter?'". All the younger children were convinced I was from Harry Potter.
Today is Thursday and I am packed to leave :( This morning we went to breakfast at Wendy's and I had pancakes and then we have just been to Whataburger for fifth and final time and at last I have finished a burger there. I had a double meat so I really don't know how I did it.
We were talking there about how different Texas is to England in that over here it is almost assumed that people are Christians.  In England, not much is spoken in everyday life about religion or beliefs. I like how society seems much more open to Christianity and I was struck by the amount of places we went that were playing Christian music - something that would offend and insult people back home. There, it is seen as forcing your beliefs on others. 
I have now got Adele playing just to make me even more sad about leaving!
I really don't want to go but every holiday has to end I suppose. Thank you sooooooooooooo much for having me it's been brilliant and I don't think I will be forgetting it in a hurry.
*That American weed was chard.  A strimmer is a hedge trimmer.  She had to eat steak fingers at some point didn't she, so 10:30am after picking veg all morning seemed like the perfect time to do just that.  We will miss you too precious girl!