And then...

Quickly I have to mention the games night we went to on Friday night at a neighbor's home down the road.  It was so kind of them to let me come because they didn't know me at all.  We had stackers and played a movie quiz game.  I was terrible because all these films were either released before I was born or only released in America. I didn't win but I had great time.
On Sunday afternoon, Pary's parents took us out to lunch at a pizza buffet and although I was tempted not to, I did have a big helping of salad.  It was actually really good especially the potato salad which is a favourite of mine anyway.  I stocked up on lots of different pizza and a massive root beer which I felt was ruined by too much ice watering down the taste.  I was not tempted by the baked potato pizza but the dessert pizza definitely caught my eye.  Sure enough my prejudice about the pizzas actually turned out to be right - the baked potato one was weird and the dessert one was A-ma-zing!!
Monday we visited the Boys and Girls Club which was so cool because I got to play some basketball (that will make my coach happy.)  I also got to watch some college boys play which was really fun because they can do all the tricks - even if the basket was lowered for them to show off!
Tuesday I got my haircut, got a massage, and went to a milk farm so diversity was the buzz word of the day. My haircut was first thing so it was nice to have a chat and have the usual hair dresser experience just abroad. The massage was a great achievement because I bartered for it with things I had got with the magic of couponing. Then the milk farm was something different altogether it was so funny because it was exactly how I would have expected and was very family orientated and way out on a track off the road.
American things that I love so far:
Root beer
Pound cake
Corn Dogs
"Stackers" are like tostados or chalupas except that you add any random manner of ingredients on top.  FOr the game night, we were asked to bring something wacky but edible.  We chose to bring a pb&j mole (which was a horrible made up concoction - so it was only just edible) and crushed up chocolate biscotti. 
Who would have thought that a young girl would list CVS & Walgreens as two of her favorite places in America?!  :)