Album Review: Yanni "Truth of Touch"

I was sent a copy of Yanni's first instrumental album release in eight years, Yanni:  Truth of Touch, to review.  Upon listening to this album many days in many different moods, I have come up with the following conclusions:

There are highlights, lowlights, and bits where the lights are completely off in the album. 

The first time I listened to the record, I was in a clean-freak frenzied state due to an impending visit from an English houseguest.  Mid panic attack, I put on the cd and actually it was quite a calming listen.  After hearing the album while in a calm state, it revealed itself to be a repetitive compilation.

We could hear the featured themes from foreign lands like Greece, Spain, China, Morocco...and Sidmouth. 

Some songs we found ourselves making up words to go with them.  At one point, our guest, our daughter, and I were beat boxing, making up lyrics, and singing back-up "do-wops" to the track.

We were not fans of track 4 which needed a climax and was like slamming two separate songs into one.  The Il Divo-esque track was quite enjoyable but our favorite track was number 5.

Our views on the whole are that "it was on hold music" (our guest) "too boring" (our 9 year old daughter) and "perfect spa music" (me) "are you sure he's not called Yawn-y?" (again, guest.)  I can't say that I would have bought this album myself but will happily have it playing at a dinner party.  Having heard his Live at the Acropolis album, I feel like this one didn't meet my expectations.

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*My review is my personal opinion. I was sent a copy of the CD to review and have been entered to win a gift card through One2One Network for participating.


  1. Would you believe that my first actual live concert was a Yanni concert? (No Stones for this girl!) Back then, he still had the long hair and the Tom Selleck mustache. . . I didn't realize he was still around!

  2. You do lose a little street cred with your kids when your first concert is for musak. ;)


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