Spring Cleaning

Fridays are my house cleaning days.  I have tried to come away from using lots of household products that have chemicals in favor of using more natural cleaners.  (I love me some vinegar and water.)  However, sometimes the clean I want is not going to happen with my everyday vinegar and water.  Sorry - just gotta be truthful here.

I was so pleased when BzzAgent asked if I would review some products from SC Johnson.  I use their products occasionally and can pick them up on sale frequently. Full sized products were sent to me representing several of their brands including Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles, and Glade.

My dear friend in England has a mother-in-law with a fabulous tip regarding dusting.  She used to say that if she didn't have time to clean her house before guests arrived, she would spritz a little dusting spray on the radiator.  The smell permeated the house and it fooled her guests into thinking she had tidied just for them.  Her mother-in-law was a genius.  :)  My usual dusting regimen is with a microfiber cloth.  Again, no chemicals but the downside is that the dust settles back on the furniture pretty quickly afterwards.  With lemon Pledge dusting spray, you not only have the benefit of a lovely scent but it also helps to repel dust from settling onto your furniture again.  Pledge helps to condition your wood but is also safe to use on other surfaces like stainless steel, leather, and even granite or marble!  Plus it removes up to 90% of allergens.

We have this shower...it is not well ventilated....can you see where I'm going with this?  I try so hard to stay on top of the icky shower while balancing the chemical vs. no chemical issue and again, my good friends vinegar and water are not brilliant at keeping down the grout discoloration.  I had high hopes for the Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer that I received.  I sprayed the shower down with foam, left the room and had a cup of coffee then came back to rinse the shower down.  The way the foam sprays out gives it fantastic coverage.  Lots of times, the smell of bathroom cleaner (shower cleaner especially) is an assault on my nostrils.  Not so with the mega foamer, it has a very light scent that didn't leave me gasping for air.  That being said, the mega foamer was no match for my mega mildew.  As far as the soap scum build up on the glass shower door, it worked great but the walls...oh, the walls.  I guess after I use my face melting chemicals that have me wearing a HAZMAT suit every other week, I could maybe spray this around to keep scum from building up.  This will be an ongoing experiment...

We've all seen those toilet bowl deodorizer/sanitizer thingies that hang over the side of the toilet, usually in a public restroom, that smell like the worst perfume ever made.  Well Scrubbing Bubbles makes a toilet cleaning gel that sticks to the side of the bowl pretty discretely.  It helps to deodorize and sanitize but does so without pummelling you with the scent of mulberries.  (Seriously, who likes that smell anyway?!)  The little gel disc lasts for about 7 days and freshens your bowl with every flush.

Glade and I have had a long-lasting relationship.  I have made many a gift basket with Glade candles and coordinating PlugIns.  Glade has come out with a set of spring inspired scents that are so yummy.  The candle that I was sent to review was the new Sparkle of Spring scent.  Engineer thinks it smells like "green plants n' stuff."  Thank you dear.  This is why you are in a profession that deals mainly with numbers.  I love it.  It isn't heavy and smells really fresh; actually, it smells a bit like a key lime pie to me.  And let's face it, there are worse things your house could smell like than key lime pie right?  

The last product that I was sent was a Glade PlugIn refill in the Crisp Waters fragrance.  Again, it's not heavy and smells very clean.  That's the way I want my house to smell, clean (whether I use dusting spray or not.)  The Glade PlugIn refills fit both Glade & Airwick PlugIn holders.

All of the products were easy to use, had nice scents, and did the job that was required of them (I was just asking too much from those poor litt'l ol' smiling bubbles).  I was very pleased with the products and will continue to purchase them.  It doesn't hurt that SC Johnson is pretty liberal with the coupons too.

This post was written for BzzAgent.  I received free products to try and to review.  All views and opinions written are my own.