Menu Plan Monday

I hope y'all had as nice of weather as we did this weekend.  It was sunny, warm, and stunning!

Oooooooh, we have little turnip, chard, lettuce, and radish sprouts out in the square foot garden.  They're so cute.  :) 

Engineer spent the entire day Saturday out in the yard preparing and planting.  We are trying out planting from seed this year.  We had only tried sowing herb, sugar snap peas, and lettuce seeds before so this year we have gotten a little more adventurous - eggplant, cucumbers, and the aforementioned turnips, chard, and radishes have all been added to the herb, pea, and lettuce seed trials.  We tried winter squash last year but we think that we were to late in getting them out since when a cold snap came, it killed 'em daid.
We have four different varieties of tomatoes, yellow and green bell peppers, yellow squash and zucchini in the earth boxes and jalapenos in some tubs.  Between what our little garden will produce and what we get from our CSA, we should be completely set for veggies.

Our crabapple tree that we planted last year is looking mighty fine.  Engineer just planted me a blackberry and a raspberry vine this year and our blueberries just finished their first year in the ground.  They have some blooms on them but I think they don't actually produce until year 2 (does anyone know?)

Enough garden talk.

On with the meal plan:

Monday - Veggie Taco Wraps w/ Beans, & Rice
Tuesday - Neighborhood Dinner - Sausages, Burgers, & Chicken out on the grill, Beans, & Potato Salad
Wednesday - Beans & Greens w/Cornbread
Thursday - Breakfast for Supper
Friday - Date Night

This is part of Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday.