Madly in Love Monday

While talking to a group of young ladies about marriage on Saturday, I found myself tearing up. 
It caught me off guard. 
I was taken aback by the sudden swell of emotion.

I am a little unclear about the exact timing of when the moment swept over me but I think I remember what I was talking about.  I believe I mentioned passing down a love legacy - the fact that their relationship has a bearing on generations to come - and what did they want to pass down to their daughters.

It was instantaneous. 

As I was talking I could feel my eyes fill with tears and my throat constrict because it was in that moment that I said that I know I am Engineer's most precious gift and that I wanted Diva's future husband to hold her in the same regard - for her to be his most precious gift and to treat her as such. 

I was talking to the young ladies but I was sort of praying out loud for my soon to be double digit Diva.  When I pray for her, I pray for her future and her future husband.

I know how Engineer and I conduct ourselves as a couple will affect her marriage. 
I want us to leave a strong love legacy for her and for all Moppins future generations. 
Engineer and I have always said that the best thing we can do for our darling Diva is to have a strong marriage.

Thank you Engineer for loving me so fiercely and tenderly and protectively and supportively so that we can leave our baby girl a love legacy.

1-4-3 EM!