I'm Only Going to Say This Once...

I guess by now you have heard all of the rumors about the new Wal-Mart coupon policy.  Well here it is.

I apologize for not getting it to you sooner but I had too much internal conflict:  to Mart or not to Mart, that is the question.

I tried to ignore it and just hoped it would go away but this weekend:

1.  One of the Wal-Mart Moms and I were corresponding and she mentioned the new policy
2.  One of my brunch ladies whose husband is a CSM for Wal-Mart sent me an e-mail regarding the new policy
3.  A lovely reader stopped me in Walgreens and asked me why I didn't post Wal-Mart deals
4.  I needed some yarn and guess where the only place in town is to buy it, yep, Wal-Mart so I was in the store
5.  Walmartwalmartwalmartwalmartwalmart
6.  ARGH!!!!!

Apparently I can't just quietly live my life anymore without being sucked into the vortex that is WM.  Here are the new policy highlights for me (if I so choose to utilize them, ah hem...): 

If the coupon exceeds the value of the item, they will accept it and either it will come off of your total bill (overage) or they will give you change back.  Like cash...

They will now accept catalinas from other stores - for instance register rewards....

I would recommend that you carry the policy with you into the store because from experience >shudder< I know that our local store is not usually very coupon friendly.

So there.  I've said it.  Whew, glad that is off my chest.


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