Banking Forum, English Visitor, and General Life at the LPH Stuff

Here at the Little Pink House, it is all systems go. 

Between today and next Thursday:

- I attended a women's financial forum which was probably one of the best forums I have ever attended.  Maybe I was swayed to go by personal invitation and promise of a fabulous luncheon but I was glad I went.  They had it set up much like "The View" so the all female bank officer panel spoke on all sorts of financial topics and how they directly related to women.   Very impressive...and the food did not disappoint.
- Engineer and Diva have school.
- Mentoring is going on.
- There are extra dance lessons in preparation for the upcoming recital.  It's all I can do to keep her out of the costumes.  Every time I turn around she wanting to wear one out somewhere...oh dear...
- Diva has piano lessons and youth group to attend.
- I am helping Diva's Junior Daughters of the King group with a sewing project.  Lord help us.  Engineer is the one who sews on buttons in the Moppins household so you know that my usefulness with this project is going to be minimal.  Maybe I should suggest to Engineer that he should go and help instruct the girls in the art of sewing.
- The prayer shawl ministry is meeting and I have been negligent at best with my first prayer shawl attempt.
- Our little English pooches cannot handle the thick layer of yellow pollen that has settled on everything that has been standing still more than three seconds.  Their little British bodies are not used to these aggressive Texas sized allergens and therefore have the sneezing, runny nose, itchy body symptoms going on.  It is funny and sad at the same time. 
- Because it is planting season, Engineer has been outside every chance he gets.  The problem is that he always wants to plant trees and I want him to plant edible items.  Fruit trees seem an obvious concession on both parts but oh no; it's not going to happen.  I may actually have to picket my own husband in my own yard in protest of one more willow oak, curly willow, or willow wonka - okay, I may have made that last one up, but surely you can see my exasperation.
- Super Mom's kids will be here at 7am, yep, I said 7am, so that she can attend a business conference.  That means that all of our normal morning goings on have to be done earlier.  And how do you think it will be going from getting one child out the door to three children out the door for school?  Um...yeah....  We might need a little prayer...just sayin'...
- A friend is having a tea at her house that I am very much looking forward to.  I think if I can make it to Saturday then I will deserve tea and cake.
- At some point I need to write several blog posts and have them waiting in the wings as well as have a menu plan worked out, and make a coordinating schedule of events lined up for our...
- English guest that arrives next Thursday.  I just want everything to go smoothly while she is here.
So if things start getting a little sporadic and kooky around here for the next couple of weeks, you know why.