Perfectly Practical #46 - Holiday Shopping, the Day After Edition

Today is the day after Valentine's Day.  Yesterday, everything heart-shaped, gooey, sticky, chocolaty, red, pink, get the picture...was overpriced.  But today, all of that stuff is 25%-50% off and by Sunday, there is a good chance that it will all be 50%-75% off and the following Sunday somewhere between 75%-90%! 

You see the stores have to get rid of all of the V-Day items in order to make room for the Easter decs and candy that are on the horizon.  This is where a savvy shopper can do quite well with a little forethought. 

If you have children who are school-aged, then you can appreciate the fact that you will have to purchase boxed Valentines for every child in the class.  So why not grab a couple of boxes when they get severely marked down and put them up for next year? 

I keep two big tubs that have decorations in them - a spring/summer and a fall/winter - every year after a major holiday, I scope out the seasonal bargains to be had then tuck them away in the appropriate box to be used the next year. 

Besides being frugal, it also solves the night before oh my gosh we forgot to make Valentines for the class problem.  You know that one right?  Whereby you are sent out at some ridiculous hour to get little cards?  No?  Just me then...


  1. Many seasonal items like this aren't really seasonal. It may be a red egg of silly putty or a pink box of playing cards. These are great to snatch up at 75% off or better to put in your Operation Christmas Child boxes.


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