Perfectly Practical #44 - Movie Boxes

By now you know that I very much like to save money in any capacity that I can.  One of the ways we do that is by having a nearly non-existent entertainment budget.  That's not to say that we never go out, just that we are mindful about using coupons, gift cards, etc. to soften the financial blow as much as possible.  (This is fodder for a different post altogether.)

All of the free movie codes that come our way throughout the month really help with the entertainment budget.  I adore going to the movies but Engineer is loathe to pay extortionate prices for a film.  A free rental fits nicely into our budget. 

Cinemas charge so much because the makers of the films charge the theatre a premium for the movie to be shown.  The theatre doesn't really make money off of the show itself, but off of the refreshments.  So along with my free rental, at home I also get to have lots of budget friendly snacks and drinks at my disposal made just the way I like them.

Plus, I get to curl up on the couch snuggled up to my Engineer wearing my pjs and bunny slippers.  AND...if he yawns and his arm happens to fall around me and he steals a peck or two, we won't be thrown out of the theatre.  ;)