Menu Ideas From the Brookshire's Ad

Not quite as good as last week, but still Brookshire's is giving a reason to shuffle on down and get some good deals for easy meals.

The Real Big Deal is $12.99, okay I realize that you would never pay that for the food provided but if you shift your mindset a little, it might be worth it to you.  You may nit need a frying pan but I'm guessing an upcoming graduate or newlywed might appreciate it.  How often do you get to buy a gift and get your dinner free?  :)

Sausage & Pancakes:
(a.k.a.) The Real Big Deal ($12.99)

Pork Chops, Cinnamon Apples, & Green Beans:
Hormel Family Pack Boneless Chops, 2lbs. apples, & Food Club frozen green beans (Price varies but around $7)

Chicken & Veggie Stir Fry w/Egg Fried Rice:
Sliced Pilgrim's Chicken breasts,  Food Club frozen California style veggies, Knorr egg fried rice x 2 ($8)

Pilgrim's Chicken Breast & Frozen Broccoli w/Knorr Alfredo Noodles:
Use chicken from above, Food Club frozen broccoli, & Knorr noodles x 2 ($3)

Tuna Sandwiches w/Oranges :
Hellmann's deal & bag of oranges & bag of grapes (Hellmann's deal price is unknown, I'm guessing around $7)

Pasta & Sauce:
Hun't Pasta Sauce & Buitoni Pasta x 2 ($6.00)

Hot Dogs & Grapes:
Bar-S Hotdogs & Brookshire's buns ($6)

Bacon Sandwiches & Fries:
Smithfield Bacon & Brookshire's bread (or use leftover from above) & Brookshire's frozen potatoes ($5.50)

Chicken & Sausage Gumbo:
Pilgrim's Chicken Thighs, John Morrell Sausage, Food Club frozen gumbo veggies, Knorr Cajun rice side ($6)

Add a couple of bags of salad you are good to go for the next nine days for around  $70 for a family of 4.  That's $1.94 per person for dinner every night AND you have a have a gift for your gift closet.