Madly in Love Monday

I am madly in love this Monday with my Engineer because he lets me cry.

The other day I had an abnormally emotional day. 

The day started with the news that I girl I had taught in my first Domestics Class was in a car accident and passed away on the scene.  She was 18 and driving her younger sister to school.  The little sister was fine save a broken bone. 

The good (if there is ever good that comes from such a tragedy) in this is that her parents made the difficult decision to let her organs be donated.  That must have been very hard for them in the middle of so much chaos and pain but they knew that the loss of her life could save so many others. 

I think I have mentioned that I have been asked to speak as part of a upcoming series on marriage, well, as a preparation for each class, the speaker was asked to write a letter to the participants.  The purpose of the letter is to give the ladies some thoughts about wisdom the speaker had gleaned either before or during their marriage.  I had been wanting to write a book about my Grandparents' beautiful love story for some time and this seemed to be a good backdrop for the letter. 

That was so emotionally draining -  reminiscing and listening to stories form my Momma and writing from first hand experience.  I could only do bits at a time because my eyes would tear up and I couldn't see to type.  (Wish I would have paid more attention in that touch-typing class now.)  It did get finished and I may even incorporate it into my Monday posts...we'll see.

In the afternoon, I went to the Boys & Girls Club to spend time with my mentee and while I was waiting for her bus to arrive, I spoke with some other kiddos around.  The kids are always so free and happy to speak with me. 

Sometimes the stories that come out in those moments catch me off guard and are so overwhelmingly sad.  It makes me want to bring every child home and let them play, give them a good meal, wash their clothes for them, let them take a shower, and kiss their foreheads as we tuck them into bed at night where they will not be disturbed.  If ever there was a time when I appreciate my Engineer and thank God for our Diva, it is when I am in the midst of situations that are less than ideal.

So now you know the back story, when I finally came home after not seeing Engineer all day I just came in the door, walked into where he was doing school work, sat on his lap and cried for a long time. 

He didn't ask questions or pry; he didn't even shift.  He simply was a soft place to land.  He held me in his arms until I could pull myself together and that was that. 

It wasn't until later that he asked if I wanted to talk about it.  He gave me space and was just there.  Later, much later, I think there might have been some teasing to make me smile but really he let me cast my cares upon him. 

Thank you EM for letting me cry.  1-4-3 EM!