Madly in Love Monday

I am madly in love this Monday with my Engineer because he has me in mind. 

Preface:  When Engineer is on the phone he paces. 
This used to really annoy me as I didn't understand why he couldn't be static and have a conversation.  It used to annoy me about him but now it annoys me about me

I have actually picked up his habit of pacing around while on the phone.  I guess when the two become one flesh they pick up each other's habits too - for better or worse right?

Engineer was speaking to his mother on the phone the other day and somehow or another they got onto the subject of his retirement. 

Now that you know that Engineer paces all over the Little Pink House, you have to realize that trying to eavesdrop on his conversations requires some intense skill as one has to wade through the Doppler Effect in order to comprehend what in the world is actually being said.  As a direct result of his pacing, I have developed this highly marketable skill.

Engineer mentioned that when he retires, he figures we will do lots of travelling.  His mom must have said something to the effect of travelling is getting more bothersome and is it really worth the effort (filling in parts of conversations are also a direct result of the pacing.)  He replied, "I hate travelling but like it once I arrive at the destination.  But Jewel (my pet name) loves it and I want to make {my beautiful, awesome, fabulous in every way bride and mother of my child} happy (or at least that's what it sounded like to me - or he could have just said her.)

I am madly in love because even when he doesn't think I am listening, he has me in mind and lets others know that he does.

1-4-3 EM!