Madly in Love Monday

This edition of Madly in Love Monday is dedicated to both of my Valentines, Engineer and Diva.

My precious little Diva volunteered to perform at our church's Chili Cook-off Talent Show on Saturday.

She picked the song, made arrangements to get the backing track, and practiced her cotton pickin' socks off this past week - with no help from us.  She did a great job on her first solo performance (who do you think was more nervous, her or me?) 

She sang with confidence and when a little kerfuffle happened, she was professional and just kept going.  Her Daddy and I couldn't have been more proud.

Engineer was very serious about the whole process as well - making sure that she had everything and had practiced regularly.  They were quite the team and it was a joy for me to watch.

There were no nerves involved as far as Diva was concerned until a couple of hours before the performance.  Being the awfully sympathetic and sensitive mother that I am, I simply conveyed to her that in this household, we are performers.  That's what we do.  What we don't do is nerves.  So suck it up.  All this was said in the greatest warm and loving way, of course.  I finished my inspiring pep talk with, "this song is between you and your Maker so sing it like you do in your room."

And that's just what she did.

Now then there is my Engineer - whose fortitude and cleverness never ceases to amaze me.

After working crazy hours since the beginning of the year, he still manages to come home and work on his Master's degree, feed the birds, tend the yard, do favors for friends, balance our budget, steer the church's property committee (no small feat) occasionally lead our Sunday School class, do a little public speaking, and be a great husband and father.

With all that he has on his plate, he could so easily do any of these things halfway but he doesn't.  His bosses are impressed with him, the birds depend on him, his professors use his calculations as the examples of solutions to the other students (what an honor!), his friends are loyal to him, and he gets lots of kisses and cuddles from two very important girls in his life.

I am so thankful for Engineer and all that he does.  Especially since I know all he does is to the glory of God and for the betterment of his family.

So Happy Valentine's Day my Darling Diva!

And Happy Valentine's Day to you my Extraordinary Engineer!

What about me?!

And ME?!

Okay, okay, and a Happy Valentine's Day to Trevor & Truffles too.  Sheesh!

1-4-3 to ALL of my Valentines EM, DM, TM, & TM!