It's My Bloggiversary....

my Blogthday...blogmas?...
One year ago I began Pary Moppins Perfectly Practical on a whim.  Today I am privileged to have literally tens of readers - seriously, I am grateful for all of you.
I have had the chance to meet some of you face to face, which has been lovely.  I love hearing the feedback from folks who are excited about the deals they found or from the folks who have tried out some of the recipes. 
I am humbled to know that anyone at all is reading the ramblings of a displaced then replaced East Texan who loves her husband and child, cans stuff, and drinks way too much coffee.
Thank you for your comments and e-mails.  Thanks for stopping by and by the way, if you find it in your heart that you would like to donate to the running of this site, it is fueled by chocolate chip cookies and Folgers.  ;)


  1. Congratulations, Pary Moppins, for a job well done!! We are (and have always been) proud of you!!!!
    Love, Momma

  2. Happy anniversary!!! :-) You inspire me every week.

  3. Ms. Cricket, you made me blush. Thanks for your kind words.


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